Developing small ideas into big flourishing products that make millions of people happy. That’s our daily work.

The products we pick and help to evolve all have something in common, they enable people to find and share great deals – be it dream vacations, computer games, vouchers or every day goods.

At first glance you might not see it, but our projects also are the homes of deeply engaged communities that are known for empowering and helping each other to spend and save more wisely.

The biggest blog for hot deals in Germany is the biggest and busiest bargain portal in Germany, and the most active of our projects. Since its launch in 2007 as a simple blog, it has grown to include a thriving community-fuelled deal voting area (hukd) and a super popular mobile app. There are over 400 unique visitors on the site each minute of every single day… they’re always adding new deals, voting and commenting. Which keeps the bargains flowing, and keeps us really busy tinkering away behind the scenes!

3.000.000 web requests per day


We are the holiday pirates!

3.400.000+ likes on facebook

Urlaubspiraten is a blog specializing in the very best travel deals to be found on the internets, from Europe to all corners of the globe. The chief pirates find incredibly cheap flights; can you believe a paltry 235€ could take you from Europe to Rio and back again? We’re working on some smart tools to assist our pirates in their travels, so that they can keep their gold dubloons tucked safely away in their treasure chests.
“Thar be a mobile app for that too, matey!”

Pay less, play more

603.000 web requests per day

Founded in 2009, Chillmo is an online magazine for video games and dvds. They find the best deals on the latest and greatest games and films, and also are able to dig out awesome specials like vouchers or “Plants vs. Zombies” for free. They also offer “Stripped”, a series of video clips, where readers can share in the joy of unwrapping the latest boxsets and special edition packages.


Tells you when the price is right

Yet another specialized bargain hunter tool, is a price comparison engine for finding the best deals on games. It crawls and tracks all the latest price drops for every available game title (over 3 million!), and also alarms you if an item price drops below a certain point. What’s more: Not only delivery prices enter into the equation, but you’ll also be warned about possibly emerging customs. Perfect for the prospective hunter-player!

Partner: Gutscheinsammler

Our strategic partner for coupons

Together with our austrian friends from Webgears we supply the common dealhunter with one of the essantial tools - free voucher codes. Thousands of rebates collected and maintained in one spot it makes online-shopping cheaper every time. With over 3.000.000 Visits every month its one of the top #2 free vouchersites in germany.


The world’s largest deal community

Pepper is attentively different to other deal platforms - you won’t find lax offers, only the hottest deals by and for price-conscious users. Around the clock the community seeks and finds the best offers in fashion, electronics, traveling and much more. With 400 million page views per month across communities in America, Europe and Asia, Pepper has quickly risen to be the largest community deal platform worldwide!

But that wasn’t all!