How do we work?

We believe that building something great means getting your hands dirty. We love making stuff, especially when we also get to use what we build. Umm yes, that means most of us are bargain addicts! Most of our sites started off as old-school blogs, centred around the author’s passion… like kick-ass travel deals (i.e. Urlaubspiraten), or amazing bargains on console/pc games and movies (i.e. Chillmo).

They’re evolving over time into full-fledged web apps with thriving communities. Our users love to pitch in by sharing offers they’ve found, and also by helping fellow users actively with their questions. Or just having a friendly chit chat.

  • Strong user base

    Our products benefit the most from big and engaged communities, so we make sure they can thrive

  • Constant growth

    In our world a site is never “finished”, but always a work in progress

  • No fail, no gain

    We believe that failing is an integral part of the process, and we’ll keep on walking and learning from our mistakes.

  • UFO catcher!

    Sometimes, when we find extremely talented people doing really cool things, we adopt them into our family.

We strive to create great and useful products, and that’s a matter of craft and love.
We believe the outcome is more than the sum of the parts.

Our process

Let’s make something that we’d all like to use

  1. A great idea

    We work on our own ideas or we adopt them into our team.

    1. Come up with a plan

      When we have the idea we start figuring out how to make it work.

    2. Make it happen

      It’s time to build it! We won’t stop until it’s up & running.

    3. A closer look

      In this phase, we study how it works and we listen to our users.

    4. Let’s improve it

      With this in mind, we fit in new ideas to improve the product.

Want to make it happen with us?